Improved Veggie Italian Pasta sauce – by getting even LAZIER!!!

Hey everyone – I felt I just had to let you know how I just improved my previous post:

LAZY Veggie Mince Pasta with Ricotta Cheese Pesto Sauce – Takes 2 minutes – literally!

Check out the previous lazy list of ingredients on the link here… then instead of chopping in fresh tomatoes… Open that tin!

TinToms_Mid_sizeYes – it’s that easy – add about a third of a tin (so loads left for other wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas) – oh and double whatever herbs you added last time… I added a lot… even a generous sprinkling of dried mixed Italian herbs (for the oregano/bay leaves mainly I think)

I used gluten free pasta with it… (so no wheatie bloating!) but of course you choose.

Taaaaaaaaasteeeeeee 🙂


And the obligatoryGlass of (yes it’s the same photo as I’ve used before…. well I’m a busy girl!)

And if you’re too lazy to click through to my previous one for the recipe – here it is again below: Continue reading


Homemade coleslaw.. (Not lazy this time..). A kind of coleslaw Waldorf mash up!

  • Red cabbage thinly sliced or grated
  • Carrot grated
  • Red onion thinly sliced or grated
  • Celery chopped
  • Little bit leftover fennel sliced
  • Raisins (pref soaked in boiling water first to plump but not essential)
  • Walnuts chopped
  • Apple chopped
  • Mayo
  • Splash of water
  • Dill
  • Salt n pepper

Mix all together n serve – and eat!

Colourful and yum!


LAZY Veggie Mince Pasta with Ricotta Cheese Pesto Sauce – Takes 2 minutes – literally!

I’m a busy girl – so this is one of those really EASY things to make!

Finished dishThis was made for 2 – so I can have it all ready again for tomorrow! Here’s what I used… Yes – I know, I’m using nearly all frozen ingredients and to be honest, all fresh would be just a bit tastier – but this is very quick and incredibly easy, so suits me… Continue reading

How important are your Intentions? Read how YOU affect others – and the world!

intention-300x241The article in the link below by directly relates to many things I have heard of before…all of which are pretty fascinating. One, as mentioned in the article, being where tests performed on water for example (as seen in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?”) show significant differences in the water’s appearance when subjected to different stimuli – hate/abuse, love/prayers or nothing…

Well think about it – it’s all to do with vibration – energy – and frequency.

[For those not very familiar with this kind of stuff, PLEASE  still read on, and try and take it in – it may be science, but it’s really not complicated and definitely not boring – and this really affects YOU!] Continue reading

Closer to Time. Can you be on time?

How is your time-keeping? Are you always late? I know I always was – but I found a new way to not be – and it’s quite simple!

Don’t work towards the time you have to be somewhere – work towards the time you need to leave!

THEN if you’re really smart – add a half an hour:

  • 15 minutes for the eye liner that went on wrong and had to be taken off and re-applied, or for the missing cat hunt, or the pocket-slapping find-the-phone, or find-the-keys moments that add on those vital last extra minutes,
  • and 15 minutes for the ONE TIME there’s a tractor on the road, or a traffic light malfunction, or 30 extra cars on the road…

Then, if you actually are early, you can grab yourself a cup of coffee and chill!

smiley-coffee2 things to note:

  1. If you expect to always do the cuppa before your appointment/meeting/etc., add ANOTHER 20 minutes to the allocated time – seriously!
  2. If you’ve always been ‘x’ minutes late – and an ADDITIONAL ‘x’ minutes to this plan

Do these things and time will no longer be the burden you have to bear…

AND – and here’s the thing  – you will actually ADD TIME to your lifespan by eliminating all that stress!!! Boom!

The featured picture here is an adaptation (I added the clock – with the artist’s permission) of artwork by Mario S. Nevado, called “Closer”. The original – the artist’s intent, is the 2nd version as shown here, with no clock.

Mario is a wonderful illustrator, art director and also storyteller – and of course a hugely talented artist. Please check out his website for more of his incredibly conceived art:

Adie’s A-Z of Life – (Don’t judge a blog by it’s title!)


I am not intending to preach here – nor professing to be able to live by all the list below – but I know that it contains words I think about – a lot – and over time have integrated into my life as much as I’m able to, at least for where I’m at right NOW!

I’m sure a lot of you reading this already have opened your eyes and minds to the ‘bigger picture’ – and I’m also not intending to ‘teach your grandmother to suck eggs’ I think is the expression… but even so, it’s a great reminder!

‘Knowing’ in your Mind – and Heart (aka feeling it)

Please see if you can read it and really ‘swallow’ the statements. Let them sink in and really begin to resonate/make sense to you – in almost a ‘walk it through’ kind of way. Don’t stick with any conditioning that tells you the list/statements/words are just a load of hippie mumbo jumbo.. it’s sometimes hard to see the meaning through words we see often that have pre-learned stigma attached. See them for the first time perhaps?

Check it out… and check back in on it often. There are worse things you could do!

(That phrase reminds me of a song from the movie, “Grease” – which I’m going to come back to soon on Planetadie… and would like to tip a nod to @GibbBarry for his insight back in ’78 – but that’s another blog:) )

Adie’s A-Z of Life

A is for Ask – and you shall receive. No really! (Takes a bit of practice though)

B is for Believe – it’s there for you when you do

C is for Compassion – Connect with others and Care about their needs

D is for Do – don’t try – do. Trying means you haven’t got what you’re trying for.

E is for Empathy – ‘feel’ others and you will better understand them (animals too)

F is for Fear – let it go – it does you no good

G is for Gratitude – say thank you for what you have

H is for Honesty – there is no other way

I is for Intuition – it’s your connection to the source

J is for Joy – it’s what you feel when you live by this A-Z

K is for Knowledge – learn and keep learning

L is for Love – it’s all you need – and it’s everywhere, in all living things!

M is for Mindfulness – be aware of others and the truth in situations

N is for Now – live in the moment and that moment is NOW!

O is for One – we/living things are all connected – it’s not just ‘what people say’, this is for real!

P is for Potential – try to live out yours – constantly – and help others reach theirs

Q is for Questioning – don’t be afraid to ask, even if you think you’ll feel silly

R is for Respect – have this every day for every living thing! It’s mutual you know.

S is for Source – some call it Nature, Universe, God, Heaven, Nirvana, The One omnipotence. It’s all of the… above.

T is for Truth – Live by it, act on it, speak it always. It will always prevail, so you may as well get ahead.

U is for Understanding – when the penny drops, it’s a great feeling – and you grow a little bit more

V is for Vital – what you become when you reach your potential

W is for Wisdom – it should grow as you do

X is for Xxx – the love you can spread with a simple letter. (Yes I know it’s not really a word… but it’s the best I have)

Y is for YOU! Because you’re beautiful!

Z is for Zero Point Field – the place in space where EVERYTHING exists

I kept finding many other words just as important and relevant… (I may have to do an “A-Z – The Sequel” soon….) but these make a pretty comprehensive ‘To Do’ list…. or as a good friend said – a TO DAY list!

Much Love,



The picture used here features artwork by Cameron Gray called “Tree of Dreams”. Cameron is an amazing, visionary graphic artist. Please visit his site: where you can marvel at more of his work!