Happy Earth Day – April 22nd 2015. A song to help you reflect – and hopefully enjoy!

hands-glowing-earth-earthSo – today is Earth Day. What does that mean to you? I hope it’s a reminder to think about your actions when it comes to the lungs and lifeblood of our beautiful planet. In fact, maybe use it as an excuse to think about all your actions – and expand Earth Day into Kindness Day – or Selfless Day. Uh – oh – sorry, this wasn’t meant to be a preachy blog… it’s just that you know, if we ALL did spend a few minutes every day practicing being unconditionally NICE – 1) we’d all actually feel a bit better about that day and 2) the good ‘vibes’ would spread and make others feel good too… not bad eh? And this could be every day!!!

Anyway, here’s a relevant song I arranged and produced, written a while ago with a very dear friend of mine, Philip Jap. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please feel free to like, comment and spread this post ­čÖé

Thank you – and peace be with you and your friends, family and all.

“As One”



This Invention Will Change The World, Just Watch.

Innovative – Ethical – and also pretty AWESOME! (And a funny video too!)

This has been around a while – but it really is the way forward for an AWESOME future!! Don’t take MY word for it – make up your own mind!

Standing up for animal rights isn’t going to kill the meat trade, but it IS a contribution, and perhaps if there’s enough support for an innovation like this, perhaps some states in the U.S., or local governments may think it’s something they could lead the way with… Or it could even start with some individuals taking up the idea (private driveways impressing the neighbours…?) perhaps then it could spread through popular demand…??

We all know THINGS NEED TO CHANGE – ‘We’ are destroying our natural resources and this could help decrease the need to keep TAKING!

Betrayal-by-Mario-Sa╠ünchez-NevadoArtwork by┬áMario S├ínchez Nevado (He has approved my using his work here. Please check out his site: http://aegis-strife.net – his work is truly amazing!

Musicians and artists don’t like way music is sold (or not!) in a modern technological world and like it or not, we have had to find new ways to monetise our art. Petro-chemical companies will always want to make more and more money – but they will at some point have to come to terms with the damage they are doing to the life-blood of the planet – and recognise the need for change too, perhaps by re-investing in the ‘new’ energy….?

This is a step in the right direction, no?