SO – I’ve just understood this ABOUT page…. doh! (Give the girl a few years, maybe she’ll get it!)

Ok – so if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read about me… so instead, I’ll write here ABOUT…. life!

Isn’t it funny – life? You think you know what it is, then some guru goes and blows it all out of the window. You think you’re you for starters… but oh no… you’re just an illusion, a manifestation of a bundle of stuff your ego thinks… is you! But whilst to some that sounds a bit of a downer – it’s actually an incredible upper! Because without YOU, (and you and you and you) there’s, well everything else…and everything else is actually what you are in the first place!

Sleep on that for starters – the rest will appear in blogs.. or pages.. or categories of some kind… (Working out what the universe is all about is easy compared to working out how to use WordPress!)



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