Cures for illness – that you would not believe to be possible!

food-as-medicineI watched a video on Facebook yesterday about a young woman dying of metastatic breast cancer. She says at one point “they have a cure, but are keeping it secret to make money”. Maybe “they” won’t help.. But nature is, and always has been, there to! Help that is!

I am not educated in the finer medical detail of cancer, I am not educated in the finer holistic detail of nature, but I wholly believe plants and their properties (that includes vegetables, fruits, other inedible ones, as well as plant supplements) have the answer to all living things’ dis-eases. I feel it in MY nature.

I don’t know if this lady’s condition has too far gone.. but I implore her (and others – with serious illnesses) to consider looking into it via those indigenous groups of people who still live amongst nature and by nature’s medicines. From my talks with friends (close and online), the rainforests of Peru may be a good place to start! They have had incredible results with people suffering different (including life threatening) ills.

And one more thing, and this is a biggie too – I also honestly believe that doing whatever it takes to create happiness in a person, also creates a chemical that helps destroy the body’s dis-harmonies – the blocks – or blockages that cause dis-ease – and that includes something as radical as cancer – or leukaemia.

There have been incidences proving this through the use of cannabis (you know – the happy drug) – and with children! (Obviously used with heavy guidance..)

Here’s one:

Put this into Google and just see how many articles come up: “child use of cannabis to cure leukemia


It’s not a placebo. Stress creates dis-ease, feeling happy creates the opposite.

I  hope some people reading this will make steps to de-stressing their lives, to get rid of that thing that wrecks our bodies, swapping it instead for a conscious striving for happiness – the thing that cures us!

I wish any other sufferers of ANYTHING, peace and happiness for today and the rest of their lives.




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