Apple Music – new streaming service + radio station… What do you think?

Apple Music

Apple Music… How many more ways (and super companies) does it take to find ways NOT to pay for music? As I understand it, this is Apple’s answer to Spotify and You Tube combined with iTunes to make a streaming service plus a super cool 24hr all hits radio station… Wonder what the returns to artists/writers will be?
In this vid: Apple talks about respecting the art, supporting the artists who make the music.. “providing artists with a home and a way to engage with their audiences… And not just top tier artists, but the kids in their bedrooms too”. Noble words. What about also providing them with financial rewards for providing their art, an income (!?) a means to be professional.. Oh yes, that means full time – you remember… A CAREER creating music… without needing a back up job to GET PAID enough to live!

Maybe they will (oh look … pigs… In the sky…)

What do you all think?


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