Do you have enough ENERGY? How to create MORE!

I’ve realised that many blogs of late have been about FOOD! Whilst this is no bad thing (healthy food!) I felt a yearning to get back to the deeper mysteries of life and share a little thought of mine with you.

You know the saying, “I have no energy today”? Well for a start, that’s highly unlikely. EVERYTHING is energy! Every movement, every word spoken, every thought and everyONE!

If you are feeling depleted of energy, bear in mind, it may be… in your mind.

Ok, you may be lacking in a nutrient of some kind – even simply water, and you should be mindful of everything you put in your body to aid its efficiency and good health. That said, being ‘naughty’ occasionally is ok too – occasionally! The odd indulgence makes up happy, setting off happy chemicals in our brains actually making us healthier too…ahhhh….. so hang on – being happy makes us feel better….. healthier… livelier…?

So…. you really can change how you feel? How you get through your day, by simply changing your mind? YES! RemBeach Boys - Good Vibesember, your thoughts, like you, are energy, or put another way, frequency, or even another way – vibes! (ie. vibrations – see a previous related blog of mine: and you can create a thought, right? So you can create a new vibe! Words, sounds, are vibrations of air too… errr. vibes too! And you can create (say) words can’t you? Happy words, positive frequencies, create happy vibes. The end! Oh yes – and the energy crisis? Watch that change too! Those Beach Boys knew!

I’ve borrowed this from these guys, – who agree with what I’m saying here – and add a few affirmations (sayings) that you can use – simply to change how you feel:

When we feel good, excited, happy; we are literally lifted up energetically. Have you ever felt the buzz from excitement? Your body feels lighter and energy just seems to flow through you effortlessly.

The first step to making yourself feel better is to think you do. Our thoughts are projecting this reality; your mind is projecting the idea of your physical body.


I hate ____________

I’m so bored.

I’m ugly.

I don’t want to do ____________

I’m so tired.


I love myself.

I’m excited for ____________

I’m beautiful!

I want to do _____________

I’m always doing my best.

To think, and then truly feel better is to raise your vibration. When you tell yourself positive things, whether you believe them or not, you will eventually start to believe them.

It’s true – it works – I’ve done it – have a go – it’s a good start!

Peace and happiness to you all 🙂




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