Making Music – to Pay or Not to Pay?

Working in music. Does it pay?
Working in music. Does it pay?

Are you a studio? A producer? A musician? A singer? A record label? Or even a member of the public? I want your opinion. Do you think studios and/or producers should work for nothing? If so, under what circumstances? Here’s your chance to voice your opinions. See survey link below – or simply CLICK HERE to go straight to it….

Please don’t forget to (like and) share this post with others who may be interested in getting people’s feedback on this. The more we get the more it can be understood.

A bit more on why I’ve done this…..

I have worked with, and for, many different artists, and have personally come across much opposition when it comes to getting more than just a fee for productions I’ve gone out of my way, bent backwards for and put my heart and soul – and a shed load of time into. And sometimes, there hasn’t even BEEN a fee!

Have you experienced this? Are you an artist? Do you feel you’ve been ‘ripped off’ by a production company/producer asking for more than he/she is due in your opinion?

I believe it’s important to make your intentions clear on the outset – but more often than not, things may start out as a simple recording session, and it’s in the nature of the passion and care for the project, translating into the extra efforts involved that propels the track(s) into something actually viably commercial. It’s during this process, that the involvement and commitment of the producer/studio/production company/engineer etc. increases significantly.

The producer is quite often their own manager (and not always good at the organising of business affairs bit) and in the process of being creative isn’t always able to mix this with thinking ‘business’ – but do you not think it fair and morally just to reward the creative service provider with something for these additional efforts – and improved results?

Are you a producer/studio/engineer/musician? Have you been expected to work for nothing/felt ‘ripped off’ by artists that just TAKE and expect to give nothing in return for your extra efforts?

Please vent/air/rant about your experiences here – and spread this blog to get more genuine views into the pot.

THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED! It’s an ongoing problem for people in our industry – and we – and you – need to understand it – and why everyone feels/reacts like they do. I’m sure we all feel that no one should get more – or less than they deserve? So let’s all work together and make this work!


Thank you 🙂 x

My “To Pay or Not to Pay for Music Services Survey:


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