Improved Veggie Italian Pasta sauce – by getting even LAZIER!!!

Hey everyone – I felt I just had to let you know how I just improved my previous post:

LAZY Veggie Mince Pasta with Ricotta Cheese Pesto Sauce – Takes 2 minutes – literally!

Check out the previous lazy list of ingredients on the link here… then instead of chopping in fresh tomatoes… Open that tin!

TinToms_Mid_sizeYes – it’s that easy – add about a third of a tin (so loads left for other wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas) – oh and double whatever herbs you added last time… I added a lot… even a generous sprinkling of dried mixed Italian herbs (for the oregano/bay leaves mainly I think)

I used gluten free pasta with it… (so no wheatie bloating!) but of course you choose.

Taaaaaaaaasteeeeeee 🙂


And the obligatoryGlass of (yes it’s the same photo as I’ve used before…. well I’m a busy girl!)

And if you’re too lazy to click through to my previous one for the recipe – here it is again below:

(I believe the ricotta cheese sauce is gluten free too – but please check if you are gluten intolerant)

* * * * * * * * * *

This was made for 2 – so I can have it all ready again for tomorrow! Here’s what I used… Yes – I know, I’m using nearly all frozen ingredients and to be honest, all fresh would be just a bit tastier – but this is very quick and incredibly easy, so suits me…

Pasta IngredientsPreparation time: Emm… 2 mins? How long does it take to get things out of the freezer and open some bottles…. (plus salad prep if you’re not using an out-of-the-bag jobbie)

Cooking time: 20 mins-ish

So that’s:

  • 2 person serving of Frozen soya (or other) mince (kind of up to you how much)
  • a cup-ish of frozen chopped onions
  • I like garlic – so I used about 2 Tbsp frozen chopped garlic
  • Approx 1 Tbsp frozen chopped basil
  • A few fresh(?!) tomatoes chopped
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 jar of tomato and ricotta pesto
  • Water as you prefer to thin a little

These amounts are VERY approximate – just add more of less of the things you like/don’t…


  1. Add olive oil to a saucepan
  2. Add onions and fry till soft
  3. Add garlic
  4. Add mince, stir and fry for a few mins
  5. Add basil and cook for a couple of minutes more
  6. Add tomatoes and sauce and stir
  7. I add a little water too. Without water, the sauce will be more of a coating, but will have a slightly more intense flavour to the dish. With water, it will taste a little weaker but be more ‘saucy’. Just don’t add loads, this isn’t a densely flavoured dish (especially because it’s mostly frozen). If you want MORE sauce – add some tinned tomatoes – or passata instead of water perhaps.
  8. Cover a cook on a low heat for about 20 mins – or a bit more checking it isn’t drying out if you have the time, to cook in the flavours more.

And that’s it!



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