Quorn Chicken Avocado Salad – Meatless, healthy and yum! With Lazy Coleslaw – the star attraction!

So to follow from my last post on being a veggie… Here’s something I make:

‘Chicken’ (Quorn) Avocado Salad – with Lazy Coleslaw + Nuts!


The amounts are totally up to you – here’s what I used – for one person:


A bunch of mixes leaves (including some crunchy romaine lettuce and rocket for nuttyness)
Organic ridge cucumber (can use regular of course – but the ridge is tastier to me)
Tomato (I just have one – but use as many as you like)
Half an avocado
Quorn roast ‘chicken’ pieces (straight out of the pack)
Lazy Coleslaw – aka Half-Homemade coleslaw (see below for details)
Sprinkling of mixed nuts ‘n’ seeds (I used some chilli spiced mix to add more flavour)
Dressing of virgin olive oil and a tad of white balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Method: (not rocket science)

1. Cut the leaves, cucumber, tomato and avocado into bite size pieces (or slices as preferred)
2. Add the coleslaw to the plate
3. Sprinkle the nuts/seed mix over the middle
4. Dress with a generous drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of vinegar
5. Add salt and pepper to taste

Haha… not really even worth typing really… but here’s the interesting tip. I don’t like shop-bought coleslaws, they’re always FAR too heavy on the mayonnaise (I can’t really understand why they don’t know this??) But I can’t always be bothered to grate my own (graters = mess!) So I buy a small tub (preferably a quality one like Waitrose Deli Coleslaw…) and add a few things to it… which can be a combo of loads of different choices… but here’s what I used:

AD’s Half-Homeade Coleslaw (aka Lazy Coleslaw – though the more you add of extras, the less lazy it feels…)

Small tub of coleslaw
Some red cabbage (finely sliced so I don’t have to use the grater)
A carrot (finely sliced too)
A little red onion (finely….)
A stick of celery ( cut into smallish pieces)
A handful of raisins
A half handful of walnuts
Maybe some pine nuts too
A sprinkling of dill (this is something that gives it a yummy twist – but if you don’t like dill… don’t use it)

Add all together and mix.

Done! 🙂

It’s full of goodness with protein from the Quorn and nuts/seeds and healthy oils from the avocado and olive oil – so all is good.

I hope you enjoy this yummy, healthy lunch – or at least enjoyed reading this.



Please leave a comment/feedback :)

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